The British Prime Minister wrote about this in an article for The Times.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that sanctions and other measures will be imposed against Russia in the event of its attack on Ukraine, and his government will ask parliament to impose sanctions against Russian individuals and companies.

In an article for The Times Johnson said that the UK is considering deploying Typhoon fighters of the Royal Air Force and warships of the Royal Navy to protect southeastern Europe. Johnson also said that Defense Secretary Ben Wallace and Foreign Minister Liz Truss will soon arrive in Moscow.

His comments came after officials in the United States said that a Russian attack on Ukraine could happen in the coming days or weeks.

Russia has concentrated over 100,000 troops near the border with Ukraine. Moscow denies that it is planning an invasion.

“British sanctions and other measures will be ready to be introduced in the event of any new attack from Russia,” Johnson wrote.

“The government will ask Parliament to grant new powers to impose sanctions on a wider range of Russian individuals and legal entities, including any company associated with the Russian state or operating in a sector of strategic importance to the Kremlin.”

“I welcome Germany’s announcement that “Nord Stream-2″ will be reviewed in the event of an invasion.”

Johnson added that the UK is also preparing to strengthen the UK-led NATO combat team in Estonia.