In his assessments, the British Prime Minister referred to British intelligence data.

The British Military intelligence Service believes that in the next few months the Russian offensive in Ukraine will slow down as the Russian army is depleting its resources, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in an interview with European newspapers.

In a comment published on Wednesday by the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Johnson said that Russian troops are moving forward in the Donbass at the cost of heavy losses among personnel and significant losses in weapons.

“However, our military intelligence believes that in the next few months Russia may reach a certain point after which it will not have the strength to attack, because it has exhausted its resources,” the British Prime minister said.

“Then we will have to help the Ukrainians reverse the dynamics. I will make this argument at the G7 summit (this weekend in Germany),” Johnson added. – Since the Ukrainians are able to launch a counteroffensive, they need to be supported. With the weapons they demand from us.”

Answering the question of what Ukraine’s victory or Putin’s defeat will look like, Johnson noted:

“This will happen if the status quo that was before February 24 is restored, and the (Russian) troops are pushed back beyond the borders of the areas they invaded.”