The rating of British Prime Minister Johnson has fallen to 29% due to the scandal with the Christmas party.

The rating of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has collapsed to record lows after the scandal over last year’s Christmas party. According to the sociological resource YouGov, only 29 percent of citizens spoke approvingly to the politician.

The Daily Mirror writes that on December 18, 2020, a festive event was held at Johnson’s residence with the participation of 40-50 people. At that time, a hard lockdown was announced in the United Kingdom against the background of the difficult situation with the coronavirus pandemic. Then the British prime minister announced that mass gatherings of residents on holidays should be canceled as part of stricter restrictions.

Later, ITV published a video of the briefing rehearsal, in which Johnson’s press secretary Allegra Stratton joked about the party and admitted that during the “wine and cheese meeting” in Downing Street, social restrictions were indeed not observed. The recording caused a negative reaction of the population, in connection with which Stratton had to resign.

British citizens were outraged by the news about the officials’ event. Some of them recalled that they were not allowed to say goodbye to dying relatives, while the authorities celebrated Christmas. It is noted that Johnson himself was not at the specified party. A parliamentary investigation was opened into the incident.