The head of European diplomacy noted that these sanctions may affect Belarusian airlines and travel agencies.

EU foreign ministers will expand sanctions against Belarus on Monday, Head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell said. According to him, the new sanctions will affect airlines and travel agencies that are believed to be involved in the delivery of migrants to the border of the bloc.

The EU has accused Belarus of inviting migrants to its territory and pushing them to cross the border with Poland and other neighboring EU countries in retaliation for the sanctions imposed against Minsk.

Two diplomats said on Thursday that the EU is considering the possibility of imposing sanctions against the main airport of Belarus in order to make it difficult for airlines to import migrants.

The meeting of the bloc’s foreign ministers is scheduled for Monday.

“We will give the green light to expand the legal basis of our sanctions against Belarus so that they can be applied to everyone involved in smuggling migrants into this country,” Borrell told the French newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche.

He added that the heads of airlines and travel agencies may be banned from entering EU countries, and their assets may be frozen.

According to Borrell, the sanctions may affect about 30 government officials who are believed to be involved in the crisis.

Alexander Lukashenko, against whom international sanctions have already been imposed for suppressing protests, threatened to take retaliatory measures in case of new sanctions, including stopping gas transit through Belarus.