Us Weekly insiders are sure: that Brad Pitt and his son Maddox still do not communicate.

‘They don’t have any relationship, They don’t communicate,’– said the source, noting that Brad’s 16-year-old son Pax did not want to communicate with his father either: ‘When Maddox leaves for college, Brad hopes that Pax will be interested in reuniting if his older brother doesn’t influence him.’

Now Pitt often appears at the house of Angelina Jolie in Los Angeles – there is also Maddox, who, due to the coronavirus pandemic, left South Korea and temporarily switched to online training. Maddox also gave his only comment about his father in South Korea: In Touch Weekly reporters asked whether Brad Pitt was going to visit him at the university, the young man answered:

‘I don’t know anything about this … what is going on there.’

This answer did not satisfy the reporter, and he continued to understand the ups and downs of the Jolie-Pitt family. “Have your relationship with your father ended?” – he asked. To which the young man replied:

‘Let there be what will be.’

The relationship between Pitt and Maddox began to deteriorate four years ago: during a family flight on a private jet, Brad and Angelina quarreled, and the son sided with his mother.