After a hard lawsuit and a struggle for his own children with his ex-wife, star handsome Brad Pitt decided to go all out. According to Mirror, the actor was noticed with a young singer. The couple flirted openly at one of the parties.

“They were flirting backstage and looked like a happy couple,” an insider told the publication.

The source assured reporters that Pitt had long had an eye on Andra Day. For the first time, the actor was noticed with her during the Oscar ceremony, the ex-husband of Angelina Jolie was the host, and the singer became one of the nominees for the award. However, the “Oscar” 36-year-old star did not get, but it is likely that she received “a much better prize,” the tabloid notes.

After a scandalous divorce from his wife, Pitt is listed as an enviable bachelor and he is often credited with having affairs with aspiring young stars. However, the close circle of the actor suggests that now Pitt is not up to falling in love.

He recently managed to defeat Jolie in court and defended the right of joint custody of their children. The actor is preparing for a new round of legal proceedings, as Angelina considers herself humiliated and will seek the cancellation of an unpleasant decision for her.