The British Airways passenger plane accidentally accelerated to a record 1,327 km / h thanks to Hurricane Ciara. About this writes the service Flightradar, which is engaged in tracking the movement of aircraft.

The passenger plane Boeing 747 of British Airways during a flight between New York and London accelerated to a speed of 1,327 km / h. This allowed him to fly between cities in 4 hours 56 minutes and set a new record for the speed of the transatlantic flight for subsonic aircraft.

The plane was able to reach such a speed thanks to the strongest tailwind caused by Hurricane Ciara, which is now raging in Western and Northern Europe.

The previous record belonged to a Norwegian airline, which covered this route in 5 hours 13 minutes. The average flight time between New York and London is 6 hours 13 minutes.

The absolute record of the flight speed between New York and London belongs to the Concord supersonic aircraft – in 1996, it covered the distance between two cities in 2 hours 53 minutes.