New COVID-19 strain could kill many more people.

The next COVID-19 strain can kill many more people and have a more detected pathogenicity than the Delta or Omicron strain. British scientists came to this conclusion; The Guardian presented the material about new coronavirus threats.

“The Omicron variant did not originate from Delta, but emerged from a completely different part of the virus’ family tree. Since we do not know where a new variant will appear in the family tree of the virus, we cannot also know the level of pathogenicity. It can be either more or less pathogenic,” is how epidemiologist Professor Mark Woolhouse from the University of Edinburgh assessed the risks.

Other scientists also agree with Woolhouse’s alarming conclusions. David Nabarro, Special Representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) for COVID-19, also agrees with the unpredictability and randomness factor in the issue of mutation and spread of infection: “After Omicron, there will be more options, and if they are more contagious, they will dominate. They can be more deadly or have a more serious negative impact [on the body],” the scientist calculates.

The discussion of the consequences of the new strain takes place against the background of the future abolition of coronavirus restrictions in the UK. The expert medical community pays great attention to the availability of a detailed plan from officials Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance, who are responsible for government actions during the COVID-19 period.

Plans to cancel measures aimed at combating coronavirus appeared in the UK government on January 19, 2022. Johnson then clarified that it was planned to cancel vaccine passports, the requirement for mandatory wearing of masks in public places and transport, and the transfer of some employees to remote work.