British scientists have discovered a change in the symptoms of coronavirus over time

Scientists in the framework of a study funded by the Ministry of Health of the United Kingdom found that the symptoms of the coronavirus change over time. The work is published on the website

During the study, experts studied the results of 27.7 thousand infected people in the period from April 26, 2020, to August 7, 2021. Some symptoms appeared in 48 percent of cases. The comparison group included 457 thousand people who passed a total of 3.8 million negative tests for coronavirus. They showed symptoms in 3 percent of cases. The scientists noted that the symptoms of COVID-19 changed with positive tests over time, reflecting the predominance of a particular variant of the virus, vaccination, and random changes.

So, at the beginning of the epidemic, most of the patients complained of high fever, prolonged cough, loss, or change of smell or taste. When the “alpha” variant began to prevail in the country in January of this year, patients mainly indicated a loss of smell and taste. After the delta variant began to prevail in May 2021, the main symptoms were headache and fever.

The researchers concluded that despite the severity of some symptoms in relation to each of the strains, demographic group, or vaccination status, the difference between the symptoms is small. Experts added that even the first dose of vaccination against coronavirus greatly reduces the likelihood of symptoms.

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