British startup Northern Light Motors has developed a rocket-like velomobile. Its main difference from competitors is that it has a built-in generator that charges the battery from pedaling. It can be used when climbing and in difficult to move places. New Atlas writes about development.

The Northern Light 428, like most other velomobiles, can be described as a recumbent tricycle with an aerodynamic body. And while almost all others use a chain-driven transmission, it takes a completely different approach.

The 428’s pedals are not directly connected to the drive wheel. Instead, the crank system starts the generator, which in turn charges the 48V / 10Ah battery to power the rear hub motor. The hybrid system in this series allows riders to generate and store electricity by pedaling over relatively easy terrain for later use when climbing hills or starting off.

The motor has a rated power of 1,000 watts, although this may be electronically limited due to standards in different countries. According to the company, maintaining an electric cruising speed of 56 km / h is available for people with average to good physical fitness.

In terms of safety, the velomobile has a hoop and a reinforced safety capsule around the driver, as well as front and rear crumple zones. All contact areas are above the height of the bumper of other vehicles. The casing is currently made of polystyrene foam covered with fiberglass.

Prices start at $ 3,439, but some assembly is required.

Northern Light Motors is led by automotive designer Graham Brown, who previously designed sports cars for the British automaker TVR, including the unique Scamander amphibious vehicle.