Britney Spears’ father Jamie spoke about his daughter’s unstable psyche and said that he should remain her guardian

The relationship of 39-year-old Britney Spears with her father Jamie, who is the daughter’s guardian and from whose influence the star is trying to get rid of in court, resembles a roller coaster. Only Britney was delighted with a small share of the freedom she had acquired, when bad news appeared for the star again – Jamie Spears said in court that there was “no reason for his removal from the position of guardian,” and painted in paints how his daughter was to be put in a psychiatric hospital.

In particular, Jamie talked about a case a month ago, when he received a call from Jody Montgomery, Britney’s court-appointed assistant, who oversees the star’s household issues, and complained about her ward.

Miss Montgomery seemed very upset: she expressed concern about my daughter’s behavior and her mental health. She said that my daughter did not take her medications on time, did not listen to the recommendations of her medical team, and even refused to meet with some of her doctors. Miss Montgomery asked me to help solve this problem,

– pointed out Jamie Spears in a court statement, which also admitted that he and Montgomery discussed the possibility of putting Britney in a mental institution.

Montgomery and her lawyer, however, said that the description of the incident was “distorted” and “manipulative” as Jamie wants to use this fact to his advantage.

Montgomery previously admitted that she had concerns about Britney’s behavior and mental health, but she stated that removing Jamie Spears from her guardian position would only help in rehabilitating the star.

The statement by Britney’s father was filed in court in response to documents shared with the tribunal by the new lawyer of the star, Matthew Rosengart. In his statement, Rosengart asked for an emergency hearing as soon as possible to remove Britney’s father from custody.

Jamie Spears believes that there is no reason for this, because he “conscientiously fulfilled the duties of the custodian of his daughter’s property without any complaints in his direction.”

Recall that there were still complaints, in particular from Britney herself, who at a sensational court hearing in June made many loud statements about how this guardianship limits her freedom. In particular, she said that she was not allowed to get married, have children and manage her finances at her own discretion.

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