The singer protests against the situation with the next trial.

Britney Spears, who staged a public showdown with her tyrant father, showed the whole world her bare breasts. Thus, the singer decided to prove that she is still in excellent shape and wants an independent life.

Earlier it became known that Spears has filed an appeal in court in the custody case. The court rejected all the arguments of the singer, leaving Britney under the authority of the parent.

Lately Britney has been losing her nerves. The singer now and then posts emotional messages, and the other day she showed the public a naked body. In the frame, Spears supported her chest with her hands, showing herself in all her glory.

In the comments, they could not fail to note how beautiful and bold Britney looks against the background of all that is happening.

“Brit, we missed you”, “Pretty woman felt freedom!”, “Be yourself, no longer need to hide”, “Britney, prove to everyone what you are capable of!”, – supported the singer in the comments.