Britney Spears has signed a deal with a book publisher for $ 15 million. The singer is preparing to release her memoirs, where she will tell what she had to go through for 13 years under the guardianship of her father. According to the sources of The Page Six, only ex-U.S. President Barack Obama had a more expensive contract with the publishing house.

After Britney Spears was released from her father’s custody, her war with her family never ended. Admittedly, it was really a very difficult period in the singer’s life, and now she, like no one else, needs support. As Britney herself tells, her fiance became the only person who did not leave her for a minute and tried his best to help morally.

Perhaps the decision to write a memoir went to Britney after the release of her sister Jamie Lynn’s book. According to the singer, she brazenly slandered her, so it’s her time to tell the truth.

Britney Spears never ceases to shock fans with scary stories about her past life. She has repeatedly accused her family of bullying her. “If you have a friend who lives in a small house for several months without a car, phone, door for privacy, who has to work 10 hours a day 7 days a week and donate tons of blood weekly… I highly recommend going there and picking it up from there! If you are like my family, who say something in the spirit of “Sorry, you are in custody,” probably thinking that this gives them the right to mock you… Thank God, I found an amazing lawyer Mathew Rosengart, who helped change my life,” she wrote after she was released from custody.