The pop star’s parents are not going to miss out on their daughter’s royalties.

Recently, under public pressure, James Spears refused custody of his daughter Britney. The singer sought this freedom for 13 years. But the victory was short-lived. It seems that Britney’s parents are not going to so easily pass up the opportunity to manage her money.

No sooner had Britney Spears celebrated her victory over her father and felt the taste of freedom, as her mother, Lynn Spears, announced her claims for guardianship. She supported her daughter’s accusations against her father and said that she could take better care of Britney, writes Showbiz Cheat Sheet. At the same time, the question of leaving an adult daughter alone is not raised.

“I became involved in this trusteeship because I wanted to make sure that everything in my daughter’s life is decided in her best interests. What I didn’t believe then or now. It is clear to me that James Spears is incapable of putting my daughter’s interests above his own, both professionally and personally. And that the safety of my daughter’s fortune is in jeopardy, ”Lynn Spears said in a statement.

At the same time, it is known that Britney has hardly spoken with her mother for the last seven years. Nevertheless, she paid for Lynn’s Louisiana mansion, including all utility bills, maid service, and maintenance.