Now Britney will finally be able to choose herself who will fight for her rights.

39-year-old pop star Britney Spears continues to pursue legal disputes with her own father. She is trying to legally get rid of parental custody, but so far she has not succeeded.

However, Britney recently won a small victory, she managed to get the right to hire a lawyer herself. Former lawyer of the star Larry Rudolph recently refused to continue working with Ms. Spears.

The singer herself plans to start collaborating with Matthew Rosengart; he defends the interests of Ben Affleck, Sean Penn, Steven Spielberg and many other Hollywood stars in court.

“I want a change in my life, I deserve it! I need to hire a good new lawyer, and I ask the court to grant me such a right,”- said Britney during the hearing in her case, writes The People.