Bruce Willis, 66, and Emma Heming, 42, celebrated their wedding anniversary yesterday. Exactly 12 years ago, they exchanged vows of love and loyalty and have never parted since that moment.

On the occasion of a family holiday, Emma posted on Instagram a new touching photo with her husband, in which she seemed to whisper something gently in his ear. In the signature to him, the actress said that not all of the years she and Willis spent in marriage were cloudless.

I really love this guy to the moon and back! Although there were times when I would gladly land him on the moon and return to Earth alone. After all, this is what 12 years of marriage looks like, right? We’ve had many fantastic ups and downs. But he is absolutely my person. There is no one I would like to go through this crazy thing called marriage except him. He is my family. He gave me a family, as well as many other things. I dreamed about him and loved him to the depths of my soul. Happy 12th anniversary, my sweetheart – Emma congratulated her husband on holiday.

Heming devoted another sweet post to her husband a few days earlier, on his birthday. On March 19, she also posted a photo of them together, calling Bruce the greatest love of her life:

Happy birthday, the greatest love in my life. This guy walked into my life and turned it upside down. Since then, every day has been turned inside out – it’s pretty exhausting! But he is the greatest person I know, and every single day I thank the stars for him.

His ex-wife Demi Moore also congratulated Bruce Willis on his 66th birthday last Friday. She posted on Instagram a photo in which they pose with Bruce and their common daughters and accompanied him with a touching comment:

Happy birthday, boo! You are one of a kind! I’m incredibly grateful for sharing these three beautiful girls with me and for our blended families.

Recall that Bruce Willis and Demi Moore were together from 1987 to 1998, gave birth to three daughters and officially divorced only in 2000. After the breakup, the former spouses remained in warm friendships: Demi even attended the wedding of Willis and Heming in 2009. In marriage, Bruce and Emma have two young daughters – eight-year-old Mabel and six-year-old Evelyn. Two years ago, the couple exchanged vows of love and fidelity again at a ceremony for those closest to them, which took place on the Turks and Caicos Islands.