Readers of the Bulgarian edition “Diary” spoke about the differences between the United States and Germany on the “Nord stream-2.”

Earlier, Chancellor Angela Merkel arrived in Washington on an official visit. Following the talks with the President of the United States Joe Biden, the parties said that together they would resist “aggressive actions from Moscow.” However, politicians pointed to a divergence of positions on the construction of the “Nord stream-2.”

“Merkel and Biden opposed what is not there!” noted hrx16647690.

“Gas is an eco-friendly fuel of the 21st century; a lot of gas and pipelines will be needed in the future. Anyone who does not have gas should think about it,” the MiG-29 wrote.

“Germany is extremely interested in developing trade with Russia and China. And also with the United States, but not so much that we give up the first two for them,” rexdog2004 believes.

“The conversation is about nothing, in fact, they think differently,” von_seeckt believes.

“What did you expect? That the Germans will lift the pipes from the seabed? The Germans are still not Bulgarians,” Shorsho complained. “Merkel is leaving, no matter what they agree on, everything will depend on her heir from now on,” Rosi summed up.