The potentially revolutionary Celera 500L has passed the first round of flight tests. Reported by The Drive.

Otto Aviation said in a press statement that Otto Aviation’s unique Celera 500L has just passed its first flight tests. It was designed as a business jet that is much cheaper to operate than conventional modern models.

The peculiarity of the Celera 500L is that this aircraft is made in the form of a bullet. This design significantly reduces aerodynamic drag compared to the classic aircraft design. During the tests, the Celera 500L has already completed 55 successful flights and spent a total of 51 hours in the air.

The Celera 500L will carry six passengers at a speed of 740 km / h, with a maximum range of 7,242 km, comparable to a traditional airliner. Otto Aviation also claims the Celera will cost just $ 328 an hour to run, compared to $ 2,100 for regular liners. The fact is that the Celera 500L consumes 80% less fuel than a comparable aircraft.

Otto Aviation plans to have the Celera 500L operational by 2025. The company also notes that recent test flights in the first phase were conducted using environmentally friendly aviation fuel (SAF).