Along with the start of Season Splicer in May this year, Destiny 2 introduces an Armor Synthesis System. However, players soon began to complain about its excessive complexity and high cost. Now the developers at Bungie have talked about a small change to the currency associated with this system.

Synth fiber will be removed from the game with the start of Season 15. This currency could be obtained simply by playing the game. It was for her that players acquired contracts for synthesizing armor from Ada-1. Instead, it will be possible to buy contracts for 10 thousand units of gloss.

The authors hope that thanks to this change, players will be able to earn the maximum 10 synth weaves per class possible in a season significantly faster.
The developers also hope that this change will simplify the armor synthesis system, as there will be only one currency in the game, the synth-weaving used on the Ada-1 loom.

Finally, players will have a slot in their consumables inventory. The Splicer season will end on 24 August.