According to the newspaper Architect’s, the festival organizers bought a plot in the Washoe County with a total area of 1537 hectares.

In collaboration with the Land Art Generator Project, a non-profit organization, the Burning Man Festival is developing a design for a permanent venue where fans of creative expression can realize their potential all year round. The Architect’s newspaper reported this.

According to her, the festival organizers bought a plot in Washoe County in Nevada with a total area of 1537 hectares; the place was named Fly Ranch. Almost 200 applications were received for the design of the new space; many of them are focused on the use of eco-friendly materials, the creation of training areas.

The formed jury selected the 10 best projects that will receive $150 thousand to create a regenerative space with water collection systems, electricity supply from solar panels, waste disposal, and plant cultivation. The winner of the competition was the concept of two students of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who proposed to build wooden structures stylized as garlic, green onion feathers, and macadamia nuts.

The Burning Man Festival, held annually since 1986, takes place in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada for several days in late August and early September. It is mainly dedicated to contemporary art and creative expression. At the end of the festival, the event organizers traditionally burn a giant wooden human figure.