Pete Buttigieg on the eve of “super Tuesday” called on his supporters to vote for Joe Biden. This could help the former Vice President challenge Bernie Sanders, writes DW.

Pete Buttigieg, 38, a former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, who announced his retirement from the race for the Democratic Party’s seat in the US presidential election, supported Joe Biden’s candidacy.

“I’m looking for a President who will pull out the best that is in each of us, and I encourage everyone who participated in my campaign to join me because we found this leader in Vice President and future President Joe Biden,” Buttigieg said in Dallas, standing on the stage next to Biden.

Buttigieg stressed that in these times it seems that being the loudest means being right, while the country needs a policy based on decency. Decency is something that “Biden has been practicing all his life,” Buttigieg said.

US President Donald Trump on Twitter called the event a “putsch” against Bernie Sanders.

78-year-old Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was the favorite in the race until former Vice President Joe Biden won his first primary in South Carolina on Saturday. Support for Buttigieg, who in early February even beat Bernie Sanders at the US Democratic Caucuses in Iowa, can help Biden before the “super Tuesday” — the first Tuesday in March when primaries will be held in 15 States at once. “Super Tuesday” will have this year today on 3 March.