The call recording feature announced for the Google Phone app has been slow to roll out, but is now available on Pixel devices around the world.

Call recording has long been available on other devices, but legal restrictions in some regions mean you cannot access this feature on your devices. On other devices, this feature has already appeared in previous updates to Google Phone, but if you own a Pixel and live in a region where call recording is legal, you will soon be able to access the option in the app.

Twitter user Jay Prakash revealed that the option is available on his Pixel 4a device in India. If this option is enabled, an additional “Record” button will appear on the regular calls panel, which will be available immediately after the call is connected. To enable or check if this feature is on your device, simply open the Google Phone app> Settings> Call Recorder.

The downside is that even if you have the latest beta or stable build of Google Phone installed, it may not show up if unannounced phone recording is illegal in your country / region. Thus, it is already known for sure that the function is not available in the UK and France.

So if you own a Google Pixel, gg recommends checking for the option on your smartphone.

If you have such an opportunity and you use the call recording function, in the Google Phone settings you can automatically delete all saved audio recordings after 7, 14 or 30 days. In addition, you can set up saving files for manual deletion as needed.