Although the publication of photos in a bikini stirs up interest in celebrities, it can also play a cruel joke – provoke haters into angry comments. The 24-year-old singer and actress Camila Cabello, the new “Cinderella” star, also faced this. In an interview with Bustle, she said that she experienced unpleasant moments due to body shaming on the network – the actress began to be ashamed of her own body after her photo in a swimsuit was discussed on the Internet.

In early June, the paparazzi filmed Cabello on vacation with her boyfriend, Sean Mendes. The photo quickly went viral – many haters saw signs of cellulite on the star’s body and noted that Camila gained weight. The artist was distraught when she read the angry comments.

It is so painful. I felt insecure all day. I felt how even my attitude towards food changes from these comments. It was really confusing. The star shared in an interview with Bustle, for which she recently starred on the cover.

The singer admitted that after that, she did not gain any experience, except for self-doubt. However, the next incident, which happened quite recently, changed Camila’s attitude towards her body.

The star was jogging in a crop top that exposed her belly, and at one point, she thought that she looked and felt like a normal person doing sports. When she considered the haters’ past comments this time, their words did not hurt her but, on the contrary, made her resistant to criticism. In the highly acclaimed video that she recorded after running, she responded to the haters with an inspiring message of self-love. So, thanks to ill-wishers, the star has come a short way from hatred to accepting his own body.

I felt so relaxed when I posted this video. After that, many women approached me with words of gratitude that I did it: they said they felt the same way. But I posted this video for myself – my self-doubt has diminished,

– Camila admitted in an interview. However, she was also glad that she had now learned to control her own emotions.

It doesn’t matter what photos come out or what people say: now I control my feelings on my own. I’m going to look whatever and wear whatever, and even if the paparazzi crowd is around, I’m not cheating on myself. It’s no longer fashionable to be at war with your body, Kamila summed up.

Previously, the artist has already raised the topic of adopting her own appearance. She also admitted that she felt ugly.

But later, I came to terms with all this. Of course, there are bad photos and bad angles, but my body is not only made of muscles. I want to prove to everyone that striving for excellence for many girls is a road to nowhere. She was quoted by the publication ET Canada.