Canadian authorities will ease restrictive measures at the border with the United States for travelers who are fully vaccinated against the new coronavirus. This was announced on Sunday by the Canadian Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, William Blair, on the CBC television channel.

“We are working very closely with the US government,” he said. – Tomorrow (June 21 ) we will announce new rules [for crossing the Canada-US border] for fully vaccinated travelers against coronavirus.” Blair did not specify what easing would be discussed, but said that ” the measures will mostly be symmetrical [on the part of Canada and the US].” At the same time, the minister stressed that a large-scale opening of the border will be possible when the level of fully vaccinated Canadians and Americans exceeds 75%. In Canada, on Saturday, the number of those who received the first mandatory vaccination against coronavirus reached 75% and fully vaccinated-20%.

The Canada-US border closed at midnight on March 21, 2020, Ottawa time, and a ban was imposed on all non-mandatory movements of citizens of the two countries, in particular, tourist trips are prohibited. As the Prime Minister of Canada said at the time, these restrictions will last until the parties are confident in the safety of the usual regime of movement of citizens across the border. The current agreement between Canada and the United States runs until July 21.