The message of the American businessman indicates that one of his projects will break the silence for a year.

On August 28, 2020, get ready for interesting news from Ilon Mask: on this day, the billionaire promised to share “details about the progress” of Neuralink. This project Mask is developing neuro-prostheses and brain-computer interfaces.

An American entrepreneur announced the X-day on Twitter, preceding this with the message: “If you can’t defeat them, unite with them: Neuralink philosophy”. Musk did not give any further details about what will happen on the last Friday of August.

The latest Neuralink event took place on July 16, 2019. Then the public was shown the N1 chip for implantation in the brain, as well as the operation of an apparatus capable of recognizing blood vessels in the brain and implanting electrodes into the cortex without damaging these vessels. In addition, Musk spoke about the results of testing the development of Neuralink on rats and said that in 2020 the company can begin testing in humans.

Since then, for a year now, the company’s official Twitter has been silent. Neuralink also reported no details about the upcoming event at the end of August, limiting itself to a repost of the tweet of its founder.

Neuralink was founded in 2016 to implement the ideas of Elon Mask to expand the biological capabilities of a person with the help of cybernetic add-ons. The company’s primary goal is the development of devices for the treatment of disorders and diseases associated with brain functions.

In a more distant future, we are talking about creating “an effective symbiosis of artificial intelligence and man”. “We can no longer worry about some kind of evil AI dictator”, Musk said. “We ourselves will become artificial intelligence”.