Colodaro M-Cycle Industries, a start-up from the US state, has launched the production of energy-efficient air conditioners for cars.

The startup has developed an AC evaporative system that is designed for vehicles and uses so little energy that one small solar panel can replace it. The authors used the M-cycle, or the Maisotsenko thermodynamic cycle, which is a way of using the energy potential of the directed movement of air that occurs as a result of the natural process of water evaporation.

Almost all modern car air conditioners are based on a vapor compression system. They are popular because of their small footprint, reliability and low maintenance requirements. But such a device does not meet the current requirements of car manufacturers for carbon neutral devices.

The developers note that such systems are responsible for 420 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions in 2015. One third of these emissions are due to leakage of refrigerants such as R134A. The new solution does not use refrigerants.

The authors of the climate control system said that at the heart of their device is a complex system of wet and dry channels, as well as a small fan. It consumes about 11 times less water than analogs, and is compact enough to be used in the manufacture of vehicles.

The developers emphasized that their solution is better suited for countries with dry hot air, since the system works more efficiently at low humidity and high temperatures.

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