In a new interview with Mariah Carey for Interview magazine, Cardi B spoke frankly about her complexes and how plastic surgery helped her become more confident.

The rapper admitted that she felt “scary and unformed”, and the fact that Cardi, a girl of Dominican and Trinidadian descent, grew up in the Bronx, New York, made it all worse.

“Many Dominicans have beautiful, soft, curly hair. While I was growing up, guys often asked me: “If you are Dominican, why do you have such frizzy hair?” Also, I dyed my hair, and they told me: “Oh, how tough they are” – the celebrity shared.

Another point of young Cardi was her thinness. “In the Bronx, you need to have uniforms. The boys said about me: “Look how flat – no chest, no hips.” And I began to feel scary and unformed, ” said the star. Therefore, she decided on plastic, and, according to Cardi, it was worth it.

“At 18, I became a dancer, and I was already able to afford new breasts. So all my complexes about the breast went away. And when I was 20, I went to work in a city strip club, and in such places, lush buttocks are required. And I started to have complexes because of this. It brought me back to my high school memories. So soon, I did myself and the buttocks. And I felt super confident, ” Cardi said.

In the conversation, Cardi B talked about other procedures – the installation of veneers, liposuction and another breast augmentation in 2019 after the birth of her daughter.

As for her hair, Cardi says she learned to care for it with age. “I make my own hair mask, take care of it and feel much better, as if everything that people said about me is not true. I don’t have bad hair – I didn’t know how to care for it before, ” the star shared.