The cost of the accessory is 88 thousand dollars. For many followers, who fell victim to the crisis this year, the publication of the American singer became a trigger.

“It doesn’t matter how much money you donate to charity. A tweet about buying a purse for 88 thousand dollars in the midst of a pandemic when people have nothing to eat is insensitive, “Cardi’s followers criticized her decision.

Recall that the rapper Cardi B really often helps those in need. She participates in charity events, donating millions of dollars.

Among Cardi’s subscribers were those who received help from her. However, even they reacted negatively to the post of the performer.

“I gratefully accepted $ 500 from you this summer. Despite the charity, your tweet about the 88k handbag when people try to survive is irrelevant. Charity does not shield you from criticism. We love you and want you to learn your lesson! “ – wrote one of Cardi’s fans.

In response to the backlash from subscribers, Cardi B wrote an apology post. However, this did not stop the haters’ attack.