The paparazzi caught the rap artist at the Los Angeles airport. There were guards next to Cardi, and she herself completely covered her face with a handkerchief, over which she put on glasses. For more secrecy, Cardi put on a sweatshirt and pulled a hood over her head. However, the star is still easy to recognize by her figure and bright manicure.

It is unknown why Cardi tried so carefully to hide this time. She regularly appears in public places recognisably. Several times Cardi was seen in shopping malls, where she appeared without makeup and behaved like a regular customer.

However, despite her eccentricity, Cardi B was named Woman of the Year by Billboard this year. Separately, they noted the success of her composition WAP and the video for this song. True, having received this status, Cardi faced criticism: some users considered her unworthy of this title. But the star, as usual, stood up for herself. She addressed the haters: “I’m Cardi B, and yes, I’m a woman of the year. Someone there is outraged, they say, why is it suddenly, she has only one song. Yes, one – but what a! The one that sells the best and the most broadcasted, the one that has been covered in a lot of news. “