51-year-old winner of two “Oscars” Catherine Zeta-Jones told, for which she is most grateful to her husband – the legendary actor Michael Douglas. For 21 years now, husband and wife have been happy together, and their love does not fade away for a minute. Katherine and Michael try to appear together on all red carpet, and in their free time they raise a daughter and a son.

In an interview for RadioTimes, Zeta-Jones spoke about family life with Douglas, and at the same time told what she thanks her husband for more than anything. As it turned out, Katherine is one of the few actresses who has been spared the side of harassment and rape.

She owes this to Michael – not only were the directors afraid to covet a married woman, so some of them began to tremble at the sight of the stately actor.

“I was very young when I started acting. As a teenager, I went through many auditions, but I never received an obscene offer from any director. Later I moved to Hollywood, where I immediately met Michael. Everyone knew I was Douglas’s wife, ”she recalled.

Zeta-Jones did not rule out: she could receive psychological trauma, like other actresses. Her husband became a real salvation for Catherine, a stone wall.

“If it weren’t for him, I don’t know what would have happened. I do not exclude that nothing would have happened without Michael, but in the current situation I was definitely less vulnerable, “- quotes the actress ETCanada.