The head of the European Council will hold talks with the leadership of Ukraine on cooperation between the EU and Kyiv.

The head of the European Council, the governing body of the European Union, which unites the leaders of the EU member states, Charles Michel arrived in Kyiv on a visit.

He wrote about this on social networks, calling Ukraine “the heart of a free and democratic Europe.”

Charles Michel will hold talks with the leadership of Ukraine on the interaction of the EU and Kyiv, the assistance of European countries to Ukraine and the prospects of this country’s accession to the European Union.

A day earlier, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskiy handed over to the representatives of the European Union a completed questionnaire – this is part of the procedure leading to the assignment of the status of a candidate for EU membership to the country.

Ukraine applied to join the European Union under an accelerated procedure on February 28 after the start of the Russian military invasion.

Speaking later to MEPs, Zelenskiy said that Ukrainians, at the cost of thousands of victims in the fight against Russian aggression, were able to convince EU countries to unite to support Ukraine. The country is making a European choice and wants to join the EU in order to become one of the equal European nations, Zelenskiy noted.