American actress Rose McGowan accused director Alexander Payne of sexual harassment, who is best known for the films “Nebraska”, “About Schmidt” and “Paris, je t’aime”. The star of the series “Charmed” shared her story on the eve of August 17 in a series of Twitter messages. According to McGowan, when she was a teenager, Payne sat her down to watch a porn movie he directed under the pseudonym.

“I still remember your apartment in Silverlake. You are well provided for. And then you left me on the street corner. I was 15, ”she wrote.

The actress also posted a photo of herself from those years and stated that she is raising the incident without intent to “destroy”. According to McGowan, she only wants a confession and an apology from the director. At the time of writing, Payne and his representatives have not made an official statement regarding the artist’s accusations.

Rose later posted a more detailed post on the topic on Instagram. Without naming her name, but with an unequivocal hint of Payne, she wrote that for many years she regarded sexual relations with “that man” as a personal “sexual experience”.

“Now I know that I was looked after. I auditioned for him when I was 15. After [this] experience with him, I completely gave up acting until I was ‘rediscovered’ at 21, ”she said.

Marveling at how much she was influenced by “Hollywood culture”, McGowan recalled that after all, she had felt it was okay to congratulate Payne on her 2012 Academy Awards.

“”I only rethought the situation three weeks after the story of Harvey Weinstein appeared. I hate throwing a bomb on someone’s life and career, but I think it’s social conditioning. I am more sad than angry. I grieve for myself at the age of 15. I’m sad for myself as an adult who still thought it was her choice”, the actress continued.

She also appealed to subscribers who have experienced similar experiences, with a call not to take responsibility for what happened and not to believe that “it was normal.”

“I would even go up to Payne at an event and ask with a smile: Remember, you had sex with me at 15? I would make fun of that”, wrote Rose.

Summarizing her experience, the actress called it deep social programming and urged fans not to have sex with minors, since – even if the parties agree – it is a crime.

“He attracted me, so I thought it was my choice, but it was wrong. I was not an adult. This happened shortly after a family member dumped me in Hollywood. I was on my own”, she wrote.

Payne, 59, who is 13 years older than McGowan, is a two-time Oscar winner for Descendants and Sideways.

In turn, McGowan, best known for her role as Paige Matthews in the television series Charmed, was one of the first women to speak openly about Harvey Weinstein’s crimes. As a result of a huge scandal around the producer and a lengthy trial, he was sentenced to 23 years in prison on a sexual assault case.