According to the performer, many in her position “need to take responsibility.”

American singer and actress Cher (real name – Cherilyn Sarkisian) she said that she was ready to shelter Ukrainian citizens in her house.

“I would like to shelter Ukrainian families in my house. They would be safe here, and they would be taken care of,” the singer wrote on Twitter on Friday. According to the singer, many in her position “need to take responsibility.” “If I was alone or with children and we were traumatized, I would hope that someone would take care of us,” she added.

Cher has been involved in various charity events for many years. Her efforts are focused on initiatives to combat poverty, support veterans and vulnerable children.

According to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, from February 24 to March 15, the number of refugees who left Ukraine exceeded 3 million people. Earlier, actor Benedict Cumberbatch announced his desire to host Ukrainians at home.