China has accused the United States of violating protocol at a high-level meeting in Alaska, China Central Television reported, citing a Chinese delegation representative at the talks.

Events with the participation of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and National Security Adviser to President Jake Sullivan and the head of the office of the CPC Central Committee Commission on Foreign Affairs Yang Jiechi and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi are taking place in Anchorage.

The day before, the talks began with sharp criticism of the PRC from Blinken and Sullivan; their interlocutors gave a detailed response to these statements.

As the Chinese delegation representative noted, the Chinese diplomats flew to Anchorage with “sincere intentions” to hold a strategic dialogue with the United States.

“However, the American side during the opening speech abruptly went beyond the time limit with baseless attacks and accusations against China’s foreign and domestic policy, provoking a conflict. This is not the ethics of treating guests; it is also not in line with diplomatic protocol. The Chinese side responded sharply to this,” t

he TV channel quotes the official as saying.

Earlier, the United States accused China of violating the protocol, Politico wrote, citing a US administration senior. The source said that “the Chinese delegation seems to have come intending to work for the public, focusing on public theatrical and dramatic gestures, rather than on the substance of the matter.” The article also said that the Chinese violated the regulations, although the American side agreed to short two-minute statements by each high-ranking official.

US-China relations remain tense. The parties have mutual economic claims. Also, Washington accused China of unfairly informing about the situation with the coronavirus. In turn, China is dissatisfied with the interference of the Americans in the internal affairs of the country, particularly in relations between Beijing and Hong Kong.