In Italy, almost as many people died from the coronavirus as recovered. In France, the number of people infected per day increased by almost 600. Encouraging news comes only from China.
In China, only eight new cases of infection were detected during the day — this is the lowest number since the beginning of the epidemic in the country. Seven people died. 1,318 people were treated and released from hospitals, according to the national health Commission of China.

The total number of cases in China reached 80,813 people, 64,111 recovered, and 3,176 died.

In Italy, the number of victims of the coronavirus has exceeded one thousand people, according to the local Ministry of health. During the day, almost 3000 new cases of infection were recorded. Their total number is 15,113. 1258 people were cured.

In France, from Monday, March 16, gardens, schools and universities are closed “until further notice.” The number of people infected per day increased by almost 600-to 2,876 people, the number of victims exceeded 60.

In Germany, the number of people infected per day increased by 290 people to 2,369. 5 people died. Angela Merkel on Thursday agreed with the Prime Ministers of the Federal States several specific measures. Thus, all planned events with more than 1,000 participants should be canceled, as well as “all non-mandatory events” where the number of participants will not exceed 1,000 people. Local authorities will consider the issue of closing gardens and schools.

n Norway, from March 12, a 14-day quarantine was introduced for all those who returned after February 27 and are not returning from the Scandinavian countries. Tourists are advised not to come to Norway yet, otherwise, they risk being put in the same 14-day quarantine. According to WHO, 277 cases have been confirmed in the country.

In Sweden, mass events involving more than 500 people have been canceled. The decision to close schools for quarantine has not yet been made. There are 683 cases of coronavirus infection in the country. The first fatal accident was recorded.

The Czech government has decided to suspend the acceptance of applications for Schengen and long-term visas at all diplomatic missions of the Czech Republic, including visa centers, starting from March 14. The measures also apply to family members of EU citizens. The day before, the country announced the introduction of a 30-day emergency regime. 96 cases of coronavirus have been registered in the Czech Republic.

Latvia has announced the introduction of an emergency regime. Training in schools and universities will take place remotely. Only children whose parents have not visited countries affected by the new coronavirus and have not had contact with such persons will be able to attend kindergartens. All interest-based education and sports classes are also temporarily suspended. All public events of more than 200 people are prohibited. The government urges citizens not to leave the country. There are 16 confirmed cases of infection in the country.
In the capital of Lithuania, from March 13, all educational institutions and public entertainment venues are closed for five weeks. Also, from Friday, the work of the capital’s museums, cinemas, sports clubs, and other entertainment venues will be stopped. There are three cases of infection in the country.

In Poland, the first death from coronavirus was recorded the day before. 47 cases of infection have been confirmed across the country. Since March 12, kindergartens have been closed for two weeks for quarantine. In schools and universities, training is conducted online. The Polish Prime Minister urged students not to repeat the mistake of Italy, where young people after the temporary closure of educational institutions began to go to clubs and other entertainment establishments EN masse. It was also decided to temporarily suspend the operation of theaters and concert halls.

Disneyland is being closed in the US. New York and the surrounding state have been put on emergency alert. Broadway theaters are closed; museums are closed. The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the country was 1,663.