The State Council of China said that the United States specifically entered into a trade confrontation with China to worsen relations between countries and to impose their interests on other States, follows from the White paper on the country’s position on economic relations with Washington. “After the US provoked a trade confrontation with China, Beijing had no choice but to take retaliatory measures. As a result, trade and investment ties between the two countries have suffered,” the document says.

At the same time, the document emphasizes that the only true way out of the situation is cooperation between China and the United States in the trade and economic sphere. The State Council said that China is ready to resolve differences with the United States, but on fundamental issues, it will not yield.

A new round of trade war between the United States and China began in late May when US President Donald Trump introduced a national state of emergency because of the alleged threats from Huawei to the country’s information technology. As a result, large American corporations were forced to refuse to supply their products and software to the Chinese company.