China has refused WHO to investigate the origin of the coronavirus further

China has rejected a request from the World Health Organization (WHO) to resume an investigation into the origin of the coronavirus. The Chinese authorities stressed that they support scientific, not politicized versions of how the virus originated. The France 24 TV channel reports this.

On Thursday, August 12, the WHO called on China to share raw data on the earliest cases of COVID-19. According to experts of the organization, this measure can help determine the real causes of the disease that has claimed the lives of 4 million people and paralyzed almost the entire world economy.

China rejected the request, saying that the investigation conducted jointly with the WHO in January 2021 was sufficient. The Chinese authorities do not intend to conduct a new investigation; from their point of view, this proposal is motivated not by “scientific expediency” but solely by politics.

“We deny the politicized vision of this issue. We support the scientific approach. The scientific community recognized the conclusions and recommendations of the joint WHO-China report. We reject the proposal for a new investigation,” Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu said.

Against the background of China’s unwillingness to cooperate with the international community in identifying the true causes of the coronavirus, some politicians and experts are increasingly inclined to the version of the laboratory origin of the disease.

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