The new Chinese quantum computer is a million times more powerful than Google’s machine. It is possibly the fastest in the world.

Competition between Washington and Beijing in the field of quantum technologies is growing. Physicists in China claim to have built a quantum computer that is faster and more efficient than its American counterpart from Google. The development article is published in the peer-reviewed journals Physical Review Letters and Science Bulletin.

A supercomputer called Jiuzhang 2 can solve in one millisecond a problem that would take the fastest conventional machine 30 trillion years to complete.

Scientists also talked about the Zuchongzhi 2 – this is an improved version of the previous car, it was built three months ago. Pan Jianwei, lead author of the new study, said the Zuchongzhi 2, a 66-qubit programmable superconducting quantum computer, is 10 million times faster than Google’s 55-qubit Sycamore. At the same time, Jiuzhang 2 has fewer applications, but it can run at incredible speeds – 100 sextillion times faster than conventional computers. But while the specs of these new machines hint at a computing revolution, they won’t hit the market anytime soon.

So far, both computers can only work in a special environment and only for hyper-specific tasks. And, even with extra care, they still make a lot of mistakes. Chinese scientists said they plan to rectify the situation in the next 4-5 years.