The specially designed ship will be used for sea launches of space launch vehicles.

According to the source, the ship will be 162.5 × 40 m in size. It is going to be operated near the new cosmodrome in the city of Haiyan.

The ship will accommodate all the necessary equipment to support launches of Long March 11 and larger Zelong-1 launch vehicles, in addition, it is being designed taking into account the launch of future liquid-fueled launch vehicles.

It is noted that the ship is going to be used as a landing platform for the first stages of launch vehicles. SpaceX is doing the same, using similar surfaces to house the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy.

Today, missile launches from water have already been made by Russia, the United States and China. In the latter country, Long March 11 was launched from the waters of the Yellow Sea: for this they used converted barges.

Now in China they are going to build a special ship to launch rockets from the water, this will help reduce the load on conventional spaceports.

Also, such a launch pad can change its position and will help to calculate the optimal flight trajectory, for example, spent stages will fall into the sea, and not onto land, where they are more likely to cause damage.