Researchers from China are creating a hypersonic aircraft that resembles the French-British Concorde in the shape of the wings, but at the same time it is much larger than it, and even larger than the Boeing-737. The aerodynamic model used was used in Chinese aerospace missions.

The 45-meter aircraft is about a third longer than the Boeing 737-700, and is powered by twin jet engines and triangular wings similar to those used in the Concorde. The researchers are known to have used an aerodynamic model that has proven effective in recent high-altitude space missions in the PRC.

Scientists have found areas on the aircraft body that require additional protection or reinforcement, since they are most likely to be exposed to temperature and pressure changes at speeds of Mach 6 (more than 7000 km / h). The discoveries will find “application in similar engineering projects.” It is known that the flight to Mars and the lunar mission required travel in the Earth’s atmosphere at “hyperspeed”.

By 2025, China is expected to complete experiments designed to test all key components of hypersonic technology, including testing a new generation jet engine. In another ten years, the PRC intends to operate a fleet of hypersonic aircraft capable of delivering 10 passengers anywhere on Earth within an hour, and by 2045 such aircraft will have seats on board for 100 or more passengers.

At the same time, hypersonic aircraft use oxygen from the air to burn fuel, so they cost literally a hundred times cheaper than rockets with liquefied gas. Using a combination of technologies will enable the PRC to deliver more than 10,000 tons of cargo and more than 10,000 passengers annually to space stations in low-earth orbits and even to the moon.

In the meantime, hypersonic aircraft are used by the military. Despite the large size, there is little space for passengers due to the peculiarities of the engines and design. In addition, traveling on modern models is not the most enjoyable due to the high temperatures and vibrations.

It is also known that the PRC has at least one model of hypersonic missiles – DF-17, first demonstrated in 2019.