China has never interfered in the internal Affairs of the United States; Beijing does not seek to challenge or replace the USA, urged Washington to stop undermining the sovereignty and security of China, said on Monday, Foreign Minister of China Wang Yi.

“Since the establishment of diplomatic relations, China has always respected the choice of the American people and has never interfered in the internal affairs of the United States,” Wang Yi said at the opening of the Lanting Forum in Beijing.

He stressed that Beijing does not intend to challenge Washington or try to replace the United States.

“We are ready for peaceful coexistence and strive for common development with the United States. Similarly, we hope that the United States will respect China’s core interests, national dignity, and the right to development,”

the diplomat added.

He called on Washington to “stop denigrating the Communist Party and the Chinese political system, stop condoning or even supporting the erroneous words and actions of separatist forces advocating “Taiwan independence,” and stop undermining China’s sovereignty and security in domestic affairs concerning Hong Kong, Xinjiang, and Tibet.”

Wang Yi stressed that China does not seek to overthrow the governments of other countries and values and protects world peace.

“China is a country that has always appreciated and protects the peace of the world. Over the past 70-plus years, we have not provoked wars or occupied an inch of foreign territory. We seek to resolve differences through dialogue and disputes through negotiations. We have no intention of exporting ideology, nor are we trying to overthrow the government of any country,”

he said.

He added that China ranks second globally in terms of contributions to the UN regular budget and the financing of peacekeeping operations. The contingent of peacekeepers from China is the largest among the permanent members of the UN Security Council.