China tests nuclear-powered hypersonic glider

As reported by the Financial Times, in August, China tested a hypersonic glider that circled the globe, then headed towards its target, demonstrating advanced space capabilities and catching American intelligence by surprise.

The fact of the tests carried out was reported by five sources of the publication. The Chinese launched a Long March 2C rocket carrying a nuclear-powered glider. He flew in low orbit, and then headed towards the final destination. According to sources, the device did not reach the target for about 30 km. But even with this in mind, American sources, according to the Financial Times, admitted that China has made astounding success in the field of hypersonic weapons, showing results that the United States did not expect: “We have no idea how they did it.”

Now Russia, China and the United States are engaged in the development of hypersonic weapons. Including these are gliders, which are launched into space on rockets, but revolve around the Earth due to the gained momentum. Their speed is 5 times the speed of sound, that is, they are slower than ballistic missiles. However, they do not travel in a parabolic orbit, but have the ability to maneuver, making them very difficult to track and almost impossible to hit. Armed with a nuclear warhead, the glider will be able to penetrate the American missile defense systems designed for ballistic missiles.

Most of all, US military specialists were concerned about the fact that, in theory, such an apparatus could fly over the South Pole. For the US military, this would be a really serious problem, because their missile defense systems control mainly the northern route.

The weapon was allegedly developed at the Chinese Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics. The fact of the tests became known by indirect indications. Overseeing the launches, the China Rocket Research Institute reported 77 Long March 2C launches on July 19, and 79 launches were announced on August 24. There were no official reports about the 78 launch, which gave rise to the first rumors about secret tests.

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