Beijing considers blackmail and an outright threat to the US statements that China may be isolated if it does not agree to another investigation of the origin of the coronavirus by international experts, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at a briefing on Monday.

Earlier, the US president’s National security adviser, Jake Sullivan, said that China would be in isolation if it did not allow international specialists to come to study the circumstances of the coronavirus.

“The relevant statements of the American side are outright blackmail and threats. China expresses strong dissatisfaction and strongly opposes, we will never accept this,” the diplomat said.

According to him, from the very beginning of the epidemic, China has taken an open and transparent position, unconditionally shared with other countries its experience in the prevention and control of the epidemic, diagnosis, and treatment of the disease. Zhao Lijian also recalled that China has twice hosted WHO experts.

“The claims that China said no to a study to track the origin of the coronavirus are completely baseless, the claims that China will be isolated internationally are even more deliberate intimidation. Finding out the origin of the coronavirus is a scientific issue that scientists around the world should work on in cooperation and that should not be arbitrarily politicized, which is the consensus of the vast majority of countries,” he added. Earlier, US President Joe Biden, following the results of the G-7 summit, said that he had not concluded the origin of the coronavirus.