Chinese Ambassador to London Liu Xiaoming called on the British authorities to cancel plans to send the aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth to the Asia-Pacific region (APR) and said that placing the ship would be “a perilous step,” the Times newspaper reports.

Earlier, the Times newspaper, citing sources, reported that the British military plans to send a new aircraft carrier, Queen Elizabeth, to the Asia-Pacific region to deter China. The ship is due to go to the site early next year as part of a strike group. It is assumed that the aircraft carrier, on which the British authorities spent 3.1 billion pounds (about 3.9 billion dollars), should conduct military exercises together with allies, including the United States and Japan.

In an interview with the newspaper, the Chinese diplomat pointed out that such a “Union of Britain and the United States against China” would make him sad. The Ambassador stressed that the possibility of placing an aircraft carrier indicates the deterioration of relations between China and Britain after Brexit.

“After Britain left the EU, I thought the United Kingdom still wanted to play an important role in the world. And this (sending an aircraft carrier) is not how such a role should be played,” the diplomat said in an interview with the Times.

The two countries ‘ relations, according to the Ambassador, have seen “UPS and downs” in his ten years in office.