Chinese authorities explained why they plan to launch 36 new satellites into Earth orbit

The Chinese authorities have announced plans to launch a constellation of 36 satellites into Earth orbit by the end of May 2023, according to China Daily.

China has launched plans to create a constellation of 36 LEO satellites to collect data for forecasting and monitoring natural disasters. The new project is led by Tianjin Satcom Geohe Technologies Co., Ltd. Its President Guo Jianqiang told China Daily that the first satellite of the constellation will be launched and put into operation in June 2022. The last satellites will be launched by May 2023.

China is not the only country using satellites to prevent natural disasters. Currently, 61 satellites from all over the world are involved in the international disaster prevention project. This network operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ensuring that no disaster goes unnoticed or unaccounted for.

The European Space Agency also uses satellites to observe cyclones, earthquakes, fires, volcanic eruptions and floods.

Jianqiang added that China’s new satellite network will also provide high-resolution imagery to help experts detect and analyze millimeter-level geological deformations. This will help to better assess and predict “geological disasters such as landslides, precipitation and collapse”.

The official added that the satellite data “combined with geological exploration and monitoring data from ground-based sensors” will increase “the accuracy and timeliness of disaster predictions.” As a result, the government and citizens will have more time to prepare for such events.

Last April, China also began work on a giant constellation of 13,000 Internet satellites. It is reported that they will operate in different frequency bands.

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