In China, they are discussing a limitation or a complete ban on investments in cryptocurrency mining. Perhaps this is another step towards the introduction of an official digital currency.

The journalists found out that the struggle of the Chinese authorities with cryptocurrencies could expand – up to a complete ban on mining. According to Reuters, the country has added crypto mining to its “negative list” project, which restricts or completely prohibits investment in the industry by both Chinese and foreigners. Potential investors will need to obtain special permission from the authorities. notes that the China Development and Reform Commission is asking the public to comment on the list by October 14. However, it is doubtful that “public opinion will change the approach to cryptocurrency mining.” China considers cryptocurrency transactions illegal, claiming that digital currency has caused an increase in money laundering and other financial crimes. However, the country is testing its cryptocurrency. Perhaps the authorities want a more stable cryptocurrency that can be controlled.

We will remind, the cost of bitcoin has grown by more than 30% after the September discussion of bans in China. However, the researchers point out that the official Chinese currency will also have a positive effect on the market.

Earlier, employees of the People’s Bank of China said that the five-year work on the country’s official cryptocurrency is over, they are ready to launch it “in the near future.” Mu Changchun, deputy head of the bank’s payments division, added that its architecture and prototype are ready.