General Wei Fenghe said on June 12 that the United States should change its attitude towards China.

At the international forum on security issues in Asia, Wei Fenghe repeated several times that China seeks only peace and stability, and is not an aggressor. The Chinese minister called on the United States to “strengthen solidarity and resist confrontation and division.”

The Chinese Defense Minister said that China strongly rejects the “slander of the United States, accusations and even threats” allegedly made in the speech of Pentagon Chief Lloyd Austin the day before: “We ask the American side to stop denigrating and deterring China. Stop interfering in China’s internal affairs. Bilateral relations will not be able to improve if the American side does not strive for this,” Wei Fenghe said at the Shangri-La Dialogue forum.

Earlier on June 11, U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said that there is an “alarming” increase in the number of unsafe and unprofessional approaches of Chinese aircraft and ships with aircraft and ships of other countries. He added that the United States will support its allies, including Taiwan.