The Chinese company EHang, a leading developer and manufacturer of unmanned aerial taxis and service drones, announced the successful completion of the technical certification of the EH216F UAV for firefighting. The EH216F drones are supposed to be used for fighting fires in high-rise buildings and for other rescue operations. In cities with traffic jams, UAVs are able to quickly reach the source of fire and prevent the worst consequences.

EHang unveiled a version of the EH216F UAV for extinguishing fires last summer. Over the past year, experts from China National Test Center for Supervision of Fire Fighting Equipment (NFFE) have carried out a comprehensive inspection of the quality and conformity of EH216F to be called fire fighting equipment. Overall, the drone passed 52 tests in areas such as handling, hover and return accuracy, flying at different altitudes, electromagnetic compatibility, wind resistance, operation in hot and frosty weather, vibration, shock, heat, and smoke resistance.

According to the conclusion of representatives of the Chinese Ministry of Emergency Situations, the EHang EH216F drone was recognized as suitable for performing firefighting activities. This will allow EHang to begin delivering these UAVs to the domestic Ministry of Emergencies and abroad (but the legislation is hardly ready for this even in China).

Add, the EHang EH216F drone carries up to six fire bombs and 150 liters of fire extinguishing foam. On-board cameras allow you to accurately localize fire sources and quickly resolve the issue of spot extinguishing at any height in multi-storey buildings. Speed ​​of response is often more important than a whole regiment of fire engines. Unlike air taxi, firefighting drones can be considered a real breakthrough and quite realizable today.