The Chinese Mars rover Zhurong (“Chzhurong”) has traveled over the surface of the Red Planet for more than 400 meters.

The named research apparatus was launched within the framework of the Tianwen-1 project (“Tianwen-1”) about a year ago – on July 23, 2020. The Celestial Empire became the third country in history (after the Soviet Union and the United States) that managed to land on the surface of the Red Planet. Moreover, China has become the second state in history (after the United States) that has managed to cope with the task of sending a rover to Mars.

“As of 20:00 on July 11, the Zhurong rover has covered 410.025 m, its operating conditions are normal,” the statement said.

The Rover is a six-wheeled vehicle with a height of 1.85 meters and a weight of about 240 kg. The device is designed to conduct chemical analysis of the soil and search for signs of life on the Red Planet in the past or even the present.

The rover’s equipment includes cameras, a magnetic field detector, a ground penetrating radar, a surface compound detector, and a meteorological measurement device.