35-year-old TV presenter and model Chrissy Teigen recently ruined her reputation by accusing fashion designer Michael Costello of racism. According to her, the man insulted people because of their nationality on his Twitter.

These claims of Chrissy turned out to be fake, but the designer’s career after this scandal ended. He fell into depression and announced that he wanted to end his life because of the star that had slandered him.

When the public became aware of Michael’s condition, many took his side. People accused Teigen of incompetence, and she decided to flee to save her good name to Oprah Winfrey.

The model believes that it is the TV presenter who can do such an interview with her that will definitely make the public fall in love with her again, as it was with Meghan Markle. According to her friends, Chrissy wants to pour out her soul and give out the whole truth about what happened.

“She is a real fighter. There is no catastrophe for her that she could not get out of,” the close models told the DailyMail online magazine.

Teigen later apologized to Costello on her blog. “I was a troll. I’m sorry. I am ashamed to the depths of my soul for my publications from the past,” she wrote.